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About the BE Team

Behavioral Economics Co. was founded in 2019 by a team of individuals who have worked in the behavioral space for a combined 27 years. The company was created with the key purpose in mind: to use behavioral economics to enhance business opportunities around the world. 


Kirstie McPherson 

Don Quinn


Washington, D.C. 

Steamboat Springs, CO 

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Founding Partners

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Don Quinn, Esq. is a lawyer admitted to the District of Columbia Bar. As a practicing attorney, business owner and veteran, Don understands the importance of having an Adaptable Mindset. Through his company, Behavioral Economic Co. he teaches organizations how to create an adaptable mindset that is prepared to accept, and respond to, change in a post-pandemic world.

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Behavioral Economist

Kirstie McPherson, MBE is a behavioral economist and co-founder of Behavioral Economics Co. An expert in change management, conducting empirical research and developing interventions, Kirstie works with state and local governments, development companies and corporations to create a culture of adaptability that embraces, and is prepared for, change.

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Behavioral Economics Co. uses behavioral economics theory to create a culture of adaptability, enabling organizations and communities to accept, withstand and adapt to change. It is not the strongest of companies that survive, but the ones most responsive to change. We teach your audience how to create an adaptable mindset that is prepared to accept and embrace change. Through this presentation you will learn about proven interventions that can be implemented across your organization today, increasing your resiliency and preparing you for the next pandemic, industry shift, or technological revolution.

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