The BE Company uses behavioral economics theory to create a culture of adaptability, enabling organizations and communities to accept, withstand and adapt to change.

Our team uses scientific theory, best practices and tested research with procedural design methods to gather data and present actionable insights to boards, executives and stakeholders. 

Our methodology begins with thoughtful interviews and a dissection of our Clients motivations, needs and goals so that we can help to facilitate needed changes to help with growth, and more importantly create a culture of adaptability. 

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The first step in any research is to determine the appropriate research question. Research questions are typically created after observing an association or when a client needs to know specific information in order to complete a strategic plan, launch a new product or initiative, or to improve their current service offerings. 

Research questions must be specific. The Behavioral Economics Company is often engaged because Clients realize that they need information but are unsure what they need to know or how to craft a research question that would allow them to find the answers. 

BE Company researchers work carefully with clients to pinpoint the exact information they require and why they require it. We then work with clients to uncover any observations that may lend themselves to the creation of a research question, or several research questions. This question is then utilized to create the framework (research design) and the procedures (processes) for obtaining the data necessary to deliver actionable insights.